Dissatisfaction Suite (feat Kala and the Lost Tribe)

from by The Whistleblowers

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Won't you put your money where your mouth is
You say je suis Charlie but what about Ed Snowden?
Chelsea Manning, not everybody has forgotten
Same old story, when is real change gonna happen?
We gotta demand more
It's time to kick in the door
There's power in our numbers
But only if we stand together

Ferguson, Staten Island, but what about Gaza?
Though it ain't right next door it's still financed by our dollar
Pakistan and Yemen, places that we're not at war
So then what are all those people dying for?


There's power in our numbers. Wake these sleeping dogs from their slumber.
They Earth plunderers. Pulling life from under us.
My voice is thundering in accordance with the chorus
Carrying voices from different corners demanding there's more for us.

Than xenophobia and homophobia, a cornucopia of dysmorphia;
Fear of what's real. Call me Morpheus.
Moses of the Matrix, opening doors and pores for us.
Breathe deep while they scheme to suffocate dreams.

Choke out all the hope now. You're built up for the break down.
Pay checks to rent checks. Not so merry is the go-round.
All this news brings blues. Selling lies and call it truth.
Call me a terrorist the way I'm dropping bombs in the booth.

But see, even that right there is slander. The real pursuers of terror
Empty clips and reload while I got my hands up.
Target practice. Shooting in the air at our prayers.
But we bullet-proof our souls when we face what we fear.

Chorus x2


from Imaginary Lines, released January 19, 2016
Frank Schaub- Guitar
Nate Allen- Bass
Judd Nielsen- Organ
Jonathan Saraga- Trumpet
Michael Eaton- Tenor Saxophone
Alex MacKinnon- Drums, Vocals, Composition
Kala and the Lost Tribe- Vocals, composition



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The Whistleblowers Brooklyn, New York

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